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Follow the Sample

RNA-based NGS workflow for NTRK gene fusion detection

Follow a tumor sample from biopsy to test report using RNA-based NGS testing. Review the testing workflow at the Providence St. Joseph Health Molecular Genomics Laboratory.

Tracking Oncogenesis

The role of NTRK gene fusions in tumor cell survival

Take a closer look at how NTRK gene fusions are created and how the fusions promote aberrant oncogenic signaling pathways that promote cell proliferation and survival.

Looking at the TRK Record

History of oncogenic NTRK gene fusions

Learn about the milestones for NTRK gene fusion identification—from its discovery in colon cancer to its current implications. Watch Dr Jessica Davis review this timeline.

TRKing Down Gene Fusions

The challenges of NTRK gene fusion detection

Detecting NTRK gene fusions is challenging due to the many considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a testing methodology. Review the challenges with Dr Michelle Shiller.

Considerations and Capabilities

Selecting a testing method for NTRK gene fusion detection

Current testing methods for NTRK gene fusions offer varying levels of identification and capabilities. What determines which diagnostic testing methodology can deliver best on your objective? Watch Dr Alexander Lazar to find out.

FISHing for NTRK

Considerations for NTRK gene fusions detection using FISH testing

Find out when FISH testing is best utilized to detect NTRK gene fusions and what this method’s tissue requirements are. Drs Jessica Davis and Erin Rudzinski take a closer look.

Covering Your TRKs

Pan-TRK IHC as a screening tool for TRK protein expression

Learn about the key considerations when deciding when to use pan-TRK IHC as a screening tool for TRK fusion. Dr Erin Rudzinski explains these considerations.

Amplification or Hybridization?

Comparing target enrichment techniques for NTRK gene fusion detection

When selecting a tumor enrichment approach for NGS, understanding the complexity of your target alteration is key. Dr Michelle Shiller discusses the pros and cons of amplification vs hybridization.

Keeping TRK of Technology

Understanding the 5 NGS methodologies

What are the key distinctions among NGS approaches for sequence data collection? Review the 5 common ones with Dr Alexander Lazar.

RNA- vs DNA-based NGS

Is there a right track for NTRK?

Which testing methodology is the best path to follow to identify NTRK gene fusions? Dr Andrew Turk weighs in on RNA- vs DNA-based NGS testing.

Making a Commitment

Considerations for selecting a commercial kit for NTRK gene fusion detection

See how things, such as platform and in-house expertise, factor into deciding which commercial NGS kit to select according to Dr Jessica Davis.

When Tissue Is the Issue

Ensuring an adequate sample for NTRK gene fusion testing

How critical is the quality of a sample to the testing process? Dr Andrew Turk discusses ways to ensure that the tissue is sufficient for testing.

Staying on TRK

Optimizing turnaround time

Learn about the different methods for optimizing turnaround time to obtain timely results for patients. Drs Michelle Shiller and Erin Rudzinski discuss the importance of collaboration between anatomic and molecular pathology.

NGS, next-generation sequencing; NTRK, neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase; TRK, tropomyosin receptor kinase.

TRK Fusion Cancer flashcard
Download the TRK Fusion Cancer flashcard

This flashcard identifies NTRK gene fusions in various tumor types and shows the impact of NTRK gene fusions on cancer care.

Testing for NTRK gene fusions presentation image
Download the Testing for NTRK Gene Fusions presentation

An educational presentation that reviews the importance of testing methods for NTRK gene fusion detection and attributes of commercial NGS kits currently available for NTRK gene fusion detection.

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NGS, next-generation sequencing; NTRK, neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase; TRK, tropomyosin receptor kinase.